6/28/19 Plymouth Update

6/28/19 Plymouth Update

Water quality samples came back clear. We are lifting the boil water advisory.


AWA crews are repairing a break that affects a total of 5 houses in Plymouth.  2 houses are on Bush St. and 3 houses are on Empire. AWA will need to shut down the water in order to make this repair which initiates a boil water advisory.  These 5 homes are being notified via door tagged during the repair.

Once water service has been restored we ask that you boil any water you wish to consume or use bottled water until water quality samples come back clear from the lab. We will notify you when we lift the boil advisory.

The chances of water contamination are remote, and the City of Plymouth and AWA will not take any chances with your family’s health.  The City of Plymouth and AWA takes protection of public’s health as our foremost responsibility.  In most cases, issuing a boil water notice is a precautionary measure for the safety of our customers.

Once the water system is fully charged and back online you may experience air in the lines, discolored or cloudy water.  This is normal. We ask that you open your taps and flush the line.  All information on boil water notices is posted to AWA’s website during an event.  You can reach customer service at 209-245-6943 (Plymouth) or 209-223-3018 (AWA).


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