Amador Schools Lead Testing

Amador Schools Lead Testing

KCRA 3 reporter, Kevin Oliver, will be airing a report this afternoon about lead samples taken at 50 schools in the region and the results. Amador High School will be among the schools reported.

Amador Water Agency contacted Amador County Unified School District earlier this year to conduct lead testing at schools in our service area. We identified, according to the initiative, seven schools to be tested. These schools were identified as Amador High School, Independence High School, Sutter Creek Primary and Sutter Creek Elementary Schools, Pioneer Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School as well as Ione Junior High and Elementary schools. Each school was to be represented by no more than 5 samples of the most used drinking water sites (fountains/sinks). The sample locations were chosen and logged into the State’s lead drinc portal. All samples were given a unique identification number and the samples were taken by a trained sampler from AWA. All 35 samples were in compliance with the strict regulation of 15 ppb. In fact, 33 samples were Non Detect. There was one sample from Amador High School that came in at 6.9 ppb and one sample from Sutter Creek Elementary that came in at 6.4 ppb.

The drinking fountain at Amador High School with the elevated lead level and has been taken out of service and the Agency understands that the school district staff will be working to re-plumb the fountain.

The lead results at the schools is not representative of the levels of lead in the public water system, but a localized issue. The Water treated by the Agency at the Tanner Water treatment plant in Sutter Creek is absent for lead. Every three years Agency staff pull samples to analyze for lead and copper in the water Distribution system. In 2016, of the 22 samples taken throughout Sutter Creek and Amador City, all were non-detect for lead. That said, the Agency recognizes homes (and schools) within our service area have been built at different times and with different material. If you live in a home built before 1984 and you suspect you may have lead joints or piping, we encourage you to reach out to a plumber. The Agency is also happy to provide any insight we have on the matter.

AWA will begin testing the schools in the City of Plymouth’s service area next.

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