AWA Construction Crew Does It All…

AWA Construction Crew Does It All…

Water and wastewater systems are constantly being changed and improved to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Sooner or later, what was built shiny and new decades ago will need repairs, additions and upgrades.

While large stand-alone construction projects are usually contracted to outside construction firms, AWA’s in-house Construction Crew can complete smaller projects quickly and at a lower cost than a contractor could.   This summer, the Construction Crew worked on a FEMA-funded project to repair an intake structure at Tiger Creek that provides drinking water to the PG&E Tiger Creek Hydroelectric Power Generation Compound. It was damaged by heavy rainfall and runoff in 2017.

Through this fall and winter, the crew will be in Ione to work on several water distribution system improvements. These projects became necessary when a pump station next to the creek was nearly washed away by flooding, also in the winter of 2017 and also  funded by FEMA:
• Installation of over 550 feet of new 8” water main and valves on E. Market Street, from Arroyo Seco to    Summit Street;
• Tie in Shakeley Lane and Ione Plaza to the new water main;
• Tie in Main Street and Buena Vista to the water main at Hwy 104, including 5 valves;
• Upgrade a fire hydrant on Hwy 104 and Main Street; While in Ione, the crew will also install 700 feet of 6” water
main to replace the existing 4” water main on N. Arroyo Seco. They need a wide range of skills to get the jobs done!


5 Tips to Prevent Costly Winter Plumbing Leaks…
Visit for more on how to protect your home in the winter.)

  • Insulate Exposed Pipes, Faucets, and Pipes Prone to Freezing
    Wrap exposed water pipes with insulating material, cover them with    plastic and secure with tape, string or wire. Electric heat tapes are also   available at hardware stores to prevent freezing in very cold areas.
    • Disconnect Garden Hoses and Drain Sprinkler Systems
    • Locate Your Main Shut-off Valve
    Don’t wait for an emergency. Find your main water shut-off valve now!   If a pipe breaks, you can stop excessive loss and flooding by turning    off your main water shut-off valve.
    • If You Have a Frozen Pipe…
    Never thaw with an open flame. Open the faucet first. Use a light bulb or hair dryer set on low and   start warming the pipe near the faucet, working toward the coldest section of pipe. If that doesn’t   work, call a plumber.
    • If You Suspect a Main Water Line is Broken… Call AWA 24-Hr Customer Service at 209-223-3018 so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

And please remember to keep water meters clear of snow and vehicles.

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