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Committee Meetings & Agendas

Committee Meetings are open to the public and questions and comments on agenda topics are welcome. Committee Meetings are announced when they are needed and scheduled. To receive meeting notices and agendas, send an email to

Policy #5070 – Rules of Order for Board and Committee Meetings(Policy based on Rosenberg’s Rules of Order)

*Please Note: There is a three (3) minute time limit per person per agenda item.

Committee Meeting Agendas

Meeting DateCommitteeTimeAgenda
07/23/24Outreach & LegislationCanceled07-23-24 O&L Cancel Notice
07/18/24Planning Operations Engineering3:00 P.M.7-18-24 POE Committee agenda packet
07/18/24Budget & FinanceCanceled0 7-18-24 B&F Comm Cancel Notice
06/25/24Outreach & Legislation10am06-25-24 O&L Cancel Notice
06/20/24Budget and Finance1:00 p.m.6-20-2024 Budget Finance Committee Agenda Packet
06/20/24Planning Operations Engineering3pmAWA POE committee 6-20-24 agenda packet
05/28/24Outreach & Legislation11:00 am05-28-24 O&L Committee agenda packet
05/28/24Watershed & Regional CollaborationCanceled05-28-24 WR&C Cancel Notice
05/16/24Budget & Finance1:00 pm05-16-24 Budget & Finance Comm agenda packet
05/16/24Planning Operations Engineering3pmAWA POE Comm mtg 5-16-24 agenda packet
04/23/24Safety & Personnel Committee8:30 am04-23-24 S&P Committee agenda packet
04/23/24Watershed & Regional Collaboration1:00 pm04-23-24 W&RC Committee Agenda
04/23/24Outreach & Legislation2:00 pm04-23-24 O&L Committee agenda packet
04/18/24Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pm04-18-24 POE Comm agenda packet
04/18/24Budget & FinanceCanceled04-18-24 B&F Cancel Notice
03/26/24Outreach & LegislationCanceled03-26-24 O&L Cancel Notice
03/26/24Watershed & Regional CollaborationCanceled03-26-24 WR&C Cancel Notice
03/21/24Budget & Finance1pmAWA Budget & Finance Comm mtg 3-21-24 agenda packet
03/21/24Planning Operations Engineering3pmAWA POE Comm mtg 3-21-24 agenda packet
03/05/24Special Outreach & Legislation10:00 a.m.0 03-05-24 Outreach and Legislation Agenda
02/27/24Watershed & Regional CollaborationCanceled02-27-24 W&RC Cancel Notice
02/27/24Outreach & LegislationCanceled02-27-24 O&L Cancel Notice
02/13/24Safety & Personnel12:00pm02-13-24 Safety & Personnel Committee agenda packet
02/13/24Planning Operations Engineering1pm02-13-24 POE Comm agenda packet
02/13/24Budget & Finance3pm02-13-24 Budget & Finance Comm agenda packet
01/23/24Watershed & Regional Collaboration1:00 pm01-23-24 W&RC Committee agenda
01/23/24Outreach & Legislation10:00 a.m.01-23-24 Outreach & Legislation Committee agenda packet
01/18/24Budget & Finance01-18-24 Budget Finance Committee CANCELED
01/18/24Planning Operations Engineering01-18-24 POE CANCELED
12/26/23Outreach & Legislation12-26-23 Outreach & Legislation Cancel Notice
12/26/23Safety & Personnel Committee12-26-23-23 Safety & Personnel Cancel Notice
12/26/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration12-26-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
12/21/23Planning Operations Engineering2pmAWA POE Committee 12-21-23 agenda packet
12/21/23Budget & Finance1:00 pm12-21-23 Budget & Finance agenda packet
11/28/23Outreach & Legislation11-28-23 Outreach & Legislation Cancel Notice
11/28/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration11-28-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
11/14/23Budget & Finance1pmAWA Budget & Finance Committee 11-14-23 agenda packet
11/14/23Planning Operations Engineering3pmAWA POE Committee 11-14-23 agenda packet
11/16/23Budget & Finance11-16-23 Budget Finance Committee Cancel Notice
11/16/23Planning Operations Engineering11-16-23 POE Cancel Notice
10/31/23Budget & Finance1:00 pm10-31-23 Budget & Finance Committee agenda packet
10/31/23Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pm10-31-23 POE agenda packet
10/24/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration10-24-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
10/24/23Outreach & Legislation10-24-23 Outreach and Legislation Cancel Notice
10/19/23Planning Operations Engineering10-19-23 POE Cancel Notice
10/19/23Budget & Finance10-19-23 Budget Finance Cancel Notice
09/26/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration9-26-23 W&RC Meeting Cancel Notice
09/26/23Safety & Personnel Committee09-26-23 Safety & Personnel Cancel Notice
09/26/23Outreach & Legislation10:00 am09-26-23 Outreach & Legislation agenda packet
09/21/23Budget & Finance1:00 pm09-21-23 Budget & Finance agenda packet
09/21/23Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pm9-21-23 POE agenda packet
08/29/23Outreach & Legislation1:00 pm8-29-23 Outreach & Legislation Committee Agenda packet
08/29/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration10:00 am8-29-23 W&RC Committee agenda packet
08/22/23Outreach & Legislation8-22-23 Outreach and Legislation Cancel Notice
08/22/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration08-22-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
08/17/23Planning and Engineering8-17-23 POE Committee agenda packet
8-17-23 Planning and Engineering agenda - Cancel Notice
08/17/23Budget & Finance1:00 pm08-17-2023 Budget & Finance Agenda Packet
07/25/23Outreach & Legislation10:00 a.m.7-25-23 Outreach and Legislation Agenda
07/25/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration07-25-23 W&RC Meeting Cancel Notice
07/20/23Budget & Finance1:00 pm
7-20-23 Budget & Finance Committee agenda packet
07/20/23Planning Operations Engineering2pm7-20-23 POE Committee packet supplement

7-20-23 POE Committee agenda packet
06/27/23Outreach & Legislation10am6-27-23 Outreach & Legislation Committee agenda
06/27/23Safety & Personnel8:30am6-27-23 Safety & Personnel Committee agenda packet
06/27/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration06-27-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
06/15/23Planning Operations Engineering2pm6-15-23 POE Committee agenda packet
06/15/23Budget & Finance06-15-23 Budget & Finance Meeting Cancel Notice
05/23/23Outreach and Legislation10:00 a.m.5-23-23 Outreach and Legislation Agenda
05/23/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration05-23-23 WR&C Meeting Cancel Notice
05/18/23Planning Operations Engineering3pm5-18-23 POE Committee agenda packet
05/18/23Budget & Finance1pm5-18-23 Budget & Finance Committee agenda packet
04/25/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration1pm4-25-23 W&RC Committee agenda packet
04/25/23Outreach & Legislation10:00 a.m.4-25-23 Outreach & Legislation Committee agenda
04/20/23Planning and Engineering3:00 P.M.4-20-23 POE Committee agenda packet
04/20/23Budget and Finance1:00 p.m.4-20-2023 Budget & Finance Agenda Packet
03/28/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration1:00 p.m.3-28-23 Watershed & Regional Collaboration Agenda
03/28/23Outreach & Legislation3-28-23 Outreach and Legislation -Cancel Notice
03/28/23Safety & Personnel Committee8:30 a.m.3-28-23 Safety & Personnel Committee agenda packet
03/16/23Planning and Engineering3-16-23 Planning and Engineering - Cancelation Notice
03/16/23Budget & Finance1pm3-16-23 Budget & Finance Committee agenda packet
02/28/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration1:00 p.m.2-28-23 Watershed Regional Collaboration Committee agenda packet
02/28/23Outreach and Legislation10:00 a.m.2-28-23 Outreach Legislation Committee agenda packet
2-28-23 Outreach & Legislation Committee packet supplement
02/21/23Safety & Personnel10:00 a.m.2-21-23 Safety & Personnel Committee agenda
02/14/23Planning Operations Engineering12:00pm2-14-23 POE Committee agenda packet
02/03/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration02-03-23 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
01/24/23Planning Operations Engineering3pm1-24-23 POE Committee agenda packet
01/24/23Outreach & Legislation10:00 a.m.1-24-23 Outreach & Legislation Committee agenda packet;
1-24-23 Outreach and Legislation Agenda corrected;
Supplement Item 3 Assembly Committees
01/19/23Budget & Finance1pm1-19-23 Budget & Finance Committee agenda packet;
Mid-Year Dashboards Update 2023.01.16
01/06/23Watershed & Regional Collaboration01-06-23 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
12/27/2022Outreach & Legislation12-27-22 Outreach and Legislation Meeting-Canceled
12/20/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Committee 12-20-22 agenda packet
12/15/22Budget & Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance Committee 12-15-22 Agenda Packet
12/15/22Planning and Engineering12-15-22 Planning and Engineering Cancelation
12/07/22Budget and Finance12-7-2022 B&F Meeting Cancelation
12/2/2022Watershed & Regional Collaboration12-2-2022 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
11/22/22Outreach & Legislation10:00am11-22-22 Outreach and Legislation Agenda
11/17/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pm11-17-22 POE cancellation
11/03/22Planning Operations Engineering9:00 a.m.11-3-22 Planning and Engineering agenda
AWA POE Committee 11-3-22 agenda packet
11/04/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration11-4-2022 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
11/02/22Budget & Finance11-2-2022 B&F Meeting Cancelation
10/25/2022Outreach & Legislation0 10-25-22 Outreach and Legislation Cancelation
10/18/22Planning Operations Engineering special meeting1:00 pmAWA POE Committee 10-18-22 agenda packet
10/20/22Planning and Engineering10-20-22 Planning and Engineering Cancelation
10/07/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration10-7-2022 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
10/05/22Budget and Finance3:00 P.M.AWA Budget & Finance Committee 10-5-22 agenda packet
09/30/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration9:00 a.m.9-30-22 W&RC Comm Agenda
09/22/2022Outreach & Legislation0 9-22-22 O&L Meeting Cancelation
09/15/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Comm Sept 15, 2022 agenda packet;
5b 2022 Water Code Update DRAFT errata
09/07/22Budget and Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance Committee 9-7-22 agenda packet
08/23/22Outreach and Legislation10:00 a.m.8-23-22 Outreach and Legislation Agenda
08/18/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Committee 8-18-22 Agenda Packet
08/05/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration8-5-2022 WR&C Meeting Cancelation
08/03/22Budget and Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance Comm 8-3-22 agenda packet
June 2022 Financials
7/26/22Outreach & Legislation Committee10:00amAWA O&L Comm 7-26-22 agenda packet
7/22/22Planning Operations Engineering8:30amAWA POE Committee 7-22-22 agenda packet
07/21/22Planning and Engineering7-21-2022 Cancelation Notice
07/15/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration1:00 p.m.0 7-15-22 W&RC Agenda
07/13/22Budget & Finance2:00 p.m.7-13-2022 Budget Agenda
07/06/22Budget and Finance7-6-2022 Meeting Cancelation
6/27/22Outreach & Legislation Committee10:00amAWA O&L Committee 6-27-22 agenda packet
06/22/2022Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE 6-22-22 agenda packet
06/16/22Planning and Engineering6-16-2022 Cancelation Notice
6/3/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration Committee10:30 am0 6-3-22 W&RC Agenda;
W&RC Committee 6-3-22 agenda packet
06/01/22Budget and Finance6-1-2022 Meeting Cancelation
05/27/22Outreach and Legislation5-27-22 Outreach and Legislation Agenda-Canceled
5/23/22Budget and Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance meeting 5-23 agenda packet
5/19/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Comm 5-19-22 Agenda Packet;
2022-04-21 AWA WWMPS Presentation;
20220415 AWA WWMP Combined Final Draft Digitally Signed; Appendices Final DRAFT
5/11/22Budget and Finance (special meeting)10:30 amAWA Budget & Finance Committee 5-11-22 agenda packet;
AWA Draft Budget 5-10-22
05/06/2022Watershed & Regional Collaboration5-6-22 Watershed & Collaboration Canceled Agenda
5/4/2022Budget and Finance5-4-2022 Meeting Cancelation
04/26/22Outreach & Legislation Committee10:00amAWA Outreach & Legislation Comm 4-26-22 agenda packet
04/21/22Planning and Engineering3:00 P.M.4-21-2022 POE Agenda Packet;
AWA POE Committee 4-21-22 agenda packet supplement;
2022.04.21 Board Presentation_R1
4/6/22Budget and Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance Comm 4-6-22 Agenda Packet;
AWA Budget & Finance Committee 4-6-22 Agenda Packet Supplement
04/01/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration Committee10:30 amAWA W&RC Comm 4-1-22 Agenda Packet
03/23/22Safety & Personnel Committee4:00 P.M.3-23-2022 Agenda Safety & Personnel
03/22/22Outreach & Legislation Committee10:00amAWA Outreach & Legislation Comm 3-22-22 Agenda Packet
03/17/21Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Comm agenda packet 03-17-22
03/04/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration Committee10:30AWA W&RC Comm Agenda 3-4-22
03/02/22Budget and Finance3:00 pmAWA Budget & Finance Committee Agenda Packet 3-2-22
02/22/22Planning Operations Engineering3:00 pmAWA POE Committee 2-22-22 Agenda Packet
02/22/22Outreach and Legislation10:00 a.m.2-22-22 Outreach & Legislation Committee Agenda Packet
02/04/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration10:30 a.m.2-4-2022 Watershed & Reginal Collaboration agenda;
2-4-22 W&RC Comm supplemental materials
02/02/22Budget and Finance3:00 P.M.2-2-2022 Budget & Finance Agenda Packet; 
4 Supp AWA Fleet Cost Analysis
01/25/22Outreach and Legislation3:00 P.M.1-25-22 Outreach & Legislation Agenda Packet
01/24/22Planning and Engineering3:00 P.M.1-24-2022 Planning Engineering Operations Packet-Amended
01/20/22Safety & Personnel Committee10:00 a.m.1-20-2022 Safety & Personnel Agenda Packet
01/05/22Budget & Finance2:00pm1-5-2022 Budget & Finance Agenda Packet;
0 1-5-22 Budget Finance Committee (amended agenda)
01/06/2022Watershed & Regional Collaboration Committee9:00 a.m.0 AWA W&RC Comm agenda 1-6-22
09/02/22Watershed & Regional Collaboration9-2-2022 WR&C Meeting Cancelation

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