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Committee Meetings are open to the public and questions and comments on agenda topics are welcome. Committee Meetings are announced when they are needed and scheduled. To receive meeting notices and agendas, send an email to

Policy #5070 – Rules of Order for Board and Committee Meetings. (Policy based on Rosenberg’s Rules of Order)

*Please Note: There is a three (3) minute time limit per person per agenda item.

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2018 Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting DateCommitteeTimeAgenda
02/26/18Community Outreach Committee3:00 p.m. View
02/26/18Policy Committee2:00 p.m. View
02/20/18Budget and Finance
10:00 a.m. View
Management Authority
3:00 p.m. View
01/29/18Community Outreach
1:00 p.m. View
01/29/18Policy Committee
2:00 p.m. View
01/16/18Budget and Finance
10:00 a.m. View

2017 Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting DateCommitteeTimeAgenda
12/20/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
11/21/17Engineering & Planning10:00 amView
11/16/17Fire Protection1:00 pmView
11/16/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
11/9/17Community Outreach1:30 pmView
10/25/17Budget & Finance1:00 pmView
10/25/17Personnel2:00 pmView
10/2/17AC Groundwater Mgmt Authority3:00 pmView
9/19/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
9/14/17Budget & Finance2:00 pmView
9/6/17Policy11:00 amView
9/6/17Engineering & Planning9:30 amView
8/10/17Engineering & Planning2:00 pm or as soon thereafter as may be heardView
8/7/17AC Groundwater Mgmt Authority3:00 pmView
8/2/17Jackson Outreach Committee11:00 amView
7/25/17Engineering & Planning2:30 pmView
7/21/17Budget & Finance9:00 amView
6/15/17Community Outreach3:00 pmView
6/15/17Community Outreach3:00 pmView
6/1/17Engineering & Planning9:00 amView
5/31/17Fire Protection3:00 pmView
5/30/17Budget & Finance2:00 pmView
5/3/17Engineering & Planning9:00 amView
4/26/17Engineering & Planning11:00 amView
4/20/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
4/6/17Personnel3:00 pmView
3/29/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
3/29/17Engineering & Planning10:00 amView
3/2/17Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
1/10/17Engineering & Planning2:00 pmView

2016 Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting DateCommitteeTimeAgenda
12/7/16Budget & Finance2:00 pmView
10/25/16Fire Protection2:00 pmView
10/20/16Engineering & Planning2:30 pmView
10/11/16Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
9/28/16Personnel3:00 pmView
9/15/16Engineering & Planning2:00 pmView
8/23/16Engineering & Planning2:30 pmView
8/9/16Policy3:00 pmView
7/11/16Policy3:00 pmView
6/29/16Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
6/22/16Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
6/16/16Budget & Finance2:00 pmView
6/10/16Engineering & Planning10:00 amView
6/7/16Engineering & Planning3:00 pmView
5/17/16Fire Protection2:00 pmView
4/28/16Budget & Finance1:00 pmView
4/5/16Engineering & Planning10:00 amView
3/10/16Personnel3:00 pmView
2/18/16Policy10:00 amView
2/17/16Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
2/5/16Ione Outreach Committee – Ione City Hall1:00 pmView
2/3/16Engineering & Planning2:30 pmView
1/26/16Drought / Conservation4:00 pmView
1/21/16Budget & Finance3:00 pmView
1/20/16Fire Protection2:00 pmView
1/5/16Engineering & Planning10:00 amView

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