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The Board of Directors meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Water Agency offices located at 12800 Ridge Road, Sutter Creek. You can view upcoming meetings on the AWA calendar.

Meetings are open to the public and we welcome community input and participation. Any person may address the Board at any time upon any subject within the jurisdiction of Amador Water Agency; however, any matter that requires action will be referred to Staff for a report and action at a subsequent Board meeting.

Policy #5070 – Rules of Order for Board and Committee Meetings. (Policy based on Rosenberg’s Rules of Order)

*Please Note: There is a three (3) minute time limit per person per agenda item.

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Upcoming Meeting

2018 Agenda & Minutes

Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgenda PacketMinutes
12/27/18Regular Board Meeting - NO MEETING
12/13/18Regular Board Meeting
11/22/18Regular Board Meeting - NO MEETING
11/8/18Regular Board Meeting
10/25/18Regular Board Meeting
10/11/18Regular Board Meeting
9/27/18Regular Board Meeting
9/13/18Regular Board Meeting
8/23/18Regular Board Meeting
8/9/18Regular Board Meeting
7/26/18Regular Board Meeting
7/12/18Regular Board Meeting
6/28/18Regular Board Meeting
6/14/18Regular Board Meeting
5/24/18Regular Board Meeting
05/10/18Regular Board Meeting
4/26/18Regular Board Meeting
4/12/18Regular Board Meeting
3/22/18Regular Board Meeting
3/8/18Regular Board Meeting
2/22/18Regular Board MeetingView
2/12/18Special Board Meeting
2/09/18Special Board Meeting
Board Training Workshop
2/08/18Special Board
Meeting-Strategic Plan
2/08/18Regular Board MeetingViewView
1/25/18Regular Board MeetingView
1/11/18Regular Board MeetingViewView

2017 Agenda & Minutes

Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgenda PacketMinutes
12/14/17Special Meeting 10:30 a.m.
or as soon thereafter as may be
12/14/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
11/9/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
10/26/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
10/12/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
9/28/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
9/14/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
8/24/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
8/15/17Special MeetingViewView
8/10/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
7/27/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
7/18/17Special MeetingViewView
7/13/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
6/22/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
6/9/17Special Meeting - GroundbreakingViewView
6/8/17Special MeetingViewView
6/8/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
5/31/17Special MeetingViewView
5/25/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
5/11/17Regular Meeting- CanceledView
4/27/17Special MeetingViewView
4/27/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
4/13/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
3/23/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
3/16/17Special MeetingViewView
3/9/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
2/23/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
2/9/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
1/26/17Regular Board MeetingViewView
1/12/17Special MeetingViewView

2016 Agenda & Minutes

Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgenda PacketMinutes
12/8/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
11/10/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
10/27/16Special MeetingViewView
10/27/16COP 8View
10/27/16COP 7View
10/27/16COP 6View
10/27/16COP 5View
10/27/16COP 4View
10/27/16COP 3View
10/27/16COP 2View
10/27/16COP 1View
10/27/16Regular Board Meeting - AViewView
10/13/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
9/22/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
9/21/16Special MeetingViewView
9/8/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
8/25/16Special MeetingViewView
8/25/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
8/11/16Special Meeting -1:00p.m.ViewView
8/11/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
7/28/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
7/20/16Special Meeting – 2:30pmViewView
7/14/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
6/23/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
6/16/16Special Meeting – 9amViewView
6/9/16Special Meeting – 1:30pmViewView
6/9/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
6/2/16Special Meeting – 9amViewView
6/2/16Special Meeting – 6pmView
5/26/16Special MeetingViewView
5/26/16Regular Board MeetingView
5/12/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
4/28/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
4/14/16Special Meeting – 1pmViewView
4/14/16Regular Board Meeting – 9amViewView
3/24/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
3/16/16Special MeetingViewView
3/10/16Meeting Cancellation NoticeView
2/25/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
2/16/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
2/11/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
1/28/16Regular Board MeetingViewView
1/14/16Regular Board MeetingViewView

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