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Assistance with your construction projects is available from the Amador Water Agency Engineering Department at 209-223-3018 Mon-Fri, 8 am – 5 pm. Drops-ins are welcome but, if possible, calling ahead to make an appointment will assure that the appropriate staff members are available to discuss your project.

Water Connection & Installation

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For additional information on starting and stopping water service, click here.

For additional information on starting and stopping water service, click here.


  1. Development Process Quick Reference
  2. Development Service Application
  3. System Extension Agreement (SEA) Application
  4. Pre-Construction Checklist
  5. Post-Construction Checklist
  6. Sample: System Extension Agreement
  7. Sample: Easement Agreement
  8. Sample: Maintenance Guarantee
  9. Sample: Performance Guarantee
  10. Excerpt from AWA Water Code – Article 2: Rules and Regulations (Pertaining to new service requests)


What you need to know if you are requesting the annexation/ detachment of your property to the Amador Water Agency for future water service.

The following is a list of requirements and timelines for the annexation/detachment process. If at anytime during this process you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office for clarification. Please be aware that the entire process will take about 90 days to complete.

When requesting annexation, you will give your initial request and information to the Customer Service Department. You will be required to provide a map of the parcel or parcels you wish to annex/detach along with a $450.00 processing fee. At this time, the Customer Service Department will quote you fees based on your request. These fees will be due within 45 days of the Amador Water Agency’s Board of Directors declaring acceptance of the annexation. Failure to pay the required fees within the 45 day period will result in the annexation/ detachment being null and void and the process would have to begin all over again.

Customer Service will then forward your request to the Engineering Department; one of our Engineering Supervisors along with staff will review your request and begin to evaluate water availability along with other necessary requirements to provide your parcel with service. The Engineering Department will contact you with questions and or give you a status report within thirty days of your initial request.

Once availability is determined, the annexation/detachment is scheduled for the next Amador Water Agency Board of Directors meeting to initiate the annexation/detachment. Following the initiating of the annexation/detachment, the Agency is required to place a public notice in the paper informing the public of the intent to annex/detach said property and setting the date for public hearing to declare (accept) the annexation/detachment. The public hearing is set for one month from the initiation of the annexation/detachment.

Once the public hearing has occurred and the property is declared annexed/detached, you will have 45 days to pay your fees and complete any necessary requirements set forth by the Engineering Department. Failure to do so will result in the annexation being null and void as stated above.