Do You Have A Well?

Do You Have A Well?

Wondering about the state’s groundwater sustainability planning? The state is requiring formation of locally-controlled Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSA) to develop and implement plans for sustainability in our groundwater basins. This requirement only affects a small portion of Amador County running under 81.7 square miles near the western Amador County border (primarily west of Pardee Reservoir and State Hwy 104 — see blue shaded area in map).


Previous groundwater level studies don’t indicate over-use or other undesirable effects on the groundwater there but the GSA for Amador County needs current data to prove that the state water board. A Joint Powers Agreement for Amador County’s GSA has been formed between AWA, the County of Amador and Jackson Valley Irrigation District to study this small portion of the Cosumnes Sub-basin of the San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Basin. Watch local news media and AWA’s website for notices of public hearings on groundwater sustainability study and planning for Amador County.

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