Draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan available for Public Review

Draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan available for Public Review

In Response to a state law enacted in 2014, a roadmap for how groundwater will be managed over the next two decades will be finalized this year.  The goal is to balance the amount of groundwater pumped with the amount that is replenished each year by nature or humans.  The Draft Groundwater Sustainability Plan is available for public review and comment through October 20, 2021.

What is in the plan? With a target of increasing groundwater recharge by 20,000 acre-feet per year, the Cosumnes Subbasin plan includes projects that put more winter flood water into the aquifer (recharging) and options that reduce usage.

Public Meetings to review the plan will be held in-person and virtually on August 26, September 16, and October 6.

Visit http://Cosumnes.waterForum.org to register for the events and learn how to submit comments.

You are receiving this notice because you currently own property within the Cosumnes Subbasin in Sacramento County, which is a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) in the area south of the Cosumnes River.

What is the impact on you? The good news is that an effective plan will mean that people will be able to count on their wells even in dry years.  But there are costs to implement and monitor whatever plan is adopted.

This was sent on behalf of the Cosumnes Subbasin Working Group representing the Groundwater Sustainability Agencies within the Cosumnes Subbasin:

  • Amador County Groundwater Management Authority
  • City of Galt
  • Clay Irrigation District
  • County of Sacramento
  • Galt Irrigation District
  • Omochumne Hartnell Water District
  • Sloughhouse Resource Conservation District

Find you GSA at http://bit.ly/CosumnesGSAs ContactsMap
















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