Update 2/3/19 Badger St. Sutter Creek

Update 2/3/19 Badger St. Sutter Creek

Great news! Water quality samples are all clear. Boil advisory is lifted. Calls will be made shortly or door tag will be hung.



Samples were delivered to the lab this morning (Saturday) due to the lateness of the repair. Unfortunately that means we won’t have sample results until Sunday morning. The boil advisory will remain in effect until we receive the sample results. You will be notified via phone or door tag and of course it will be posted here and on our Facebook page.



Update: 3:15 pm Lines are being recharged now. Water quality samples will be taken shortly and on their way to the lab. Those without water today are now on a boil advisory.

This break has been difficult to repair. Water continues to be shut off.  We are hopeful water will be restored soon.

We need to add 4 Allen Ranch Rd to the list of addresses affected.

There is a main break on Badger Street in Sutter Creek. Crews are on scene working on the repair.  The homes affected by the shut down on Badger Street are: 193, 90, 220, 203, 213, 230,  73, 70 ,83, 93, 103, 113, 123, 133, 143, 146, 154, 163, 172 and 153.   These homes will be on a boil water advisory once water is restored or you can use bottled water for consumption.  If you have nay questions please call us at 209-223-3018 or message us.

We will continue to update our website and Facebook posts.  Once water quality samples have come back from the lab we will release the boil advisory.




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