Update: Boil Lifted- Cottonwood Ct Ione

Update: Boil Lifted- Cottonwood Ct Ione

Update: 4/11/18 3:30 PM- Water quality samples are clear. Calls have been made and boil order is lifted.

Update: 4/10/18  1:43 pm

Repair has been completed and water has been restored. Boil order is in effect until we get clear sample results tomorrow. We will make calls and update post when the results are in.

AWA crews have found a break on Cottonwood CT. Ione. This shut down affects approximately 10-12 customers.

Crews are on scene to repair the break. Once water is restored the affected customers will be on a boil water order until water quality samples come back clear. We will update the post as more information comes in .

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