Update: Emergency Shut Down-Pioneer

Update: Emergency Shut Down-Pioneer

Water quality samples are all good. We are lifting the boil order.


Repair is complete and water is restored. Water quality samples arrived at the lab at 6pm. This means you will be on a boil water order until we receive the all clear from the lab. Calls could be as early as 6:15pm.  We will post an update as soon as the samples are complete.

We have a water main break up country in Pioneer. There is an emergency shut down in place as repairs are being made. Expect this to take the majority of the day. Approximately 36 people are affected. Customer Service is making calls to those out of water. So far the streets affected are: All of Golf Links Drive, 16881 Deer Trail, 26271 and 26281 Golf View Lane, 26355 Hill View Lane, 16930 and 16953 Castlewood Ct. and all of St. Andrews Ct. If you are out of water and not listed above please contact Customer Service at 209-223-3018.

Once repairs are made and water is restored, you will be on a boil water order. Water quality samples will be taken to the lab. Once the samples are released we will notify you by phone or door tag. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

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