Emergency Water Use Restrictions are Lifted!

Emergency Water Use Restrictions are Lifted!

The emergency water use restrictions announced yesterday are now lifted.  AWA sincerely thanks our customers for doing an outstanding job in controlling water use during the last 24 hours.  We saw significant reductions in use, and it really helped us out in protecting our treatment system.

The emergency condition affected AWA wholesale customers the Cities of Jackson and Plymouth and Drytown County Water District, as well as retail customers in Sutter Creek, Amador City, and eastward to New York Ranch Road and the Jackson Rancheria.

During this event, no poor quality water was ever delivered to customers.  We needed to change the operation of our Tanner treatment plant because of unusually poor water quality coming into the plant from Lake Tabeaud.  While we were doing that, we had to use only previously stored water to serve customers, and that water met all standards.

We had some challenges with our telephone notifications, and we appreciate the comments we heard about that so that we can fix the problems and do better if we ever need to use that system again.

One thing that turned our situation into an emergency is that we have very limited storage of treated water at the Tanner plant.  One of AWA’s high priority projects is to increase the amount of storage we have.  A  treatment plant outage is always a concern, but with more storage, it probably wouldn’t be an emergency.

Thanks for your cooperation and for your comments!

Larry McKenney

General Manager

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