Amador Water Agency

Information, Policies & Reports

Administrative Documents

2022 AWA Water CodeClick here to view
2020 AWA Water Master Plan StudyClick here to view
2022 AWA Wastewater Master Plan StudyClick here to view
2022 AWA Tanner and Ione WTP Capacity StudyClick here to view
Water Supply2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan
2020 Urban Water Management Plan
2023 Annual Water Supply & Demand Assessment Shortage Report
AWA Water 5 Year Capital Improvement PlanClick Here to View
AWA Wastewater 5 Year Capital Improvement PlanClick Here to View
SB 272 Enterprise SoftwareClick here to view
Grand Jury ResponseAC Grand Jury Report 10-21-20
Amador County Grand Jury Response 12-2020
Grand Jury 2019 Report - Response Tracking - October 2021

Administrative Policies

AWA PL Adm 001 Enabling Act
AWA PL Adm 002 Strategic Plan
AWA PL Adm 004 MOU AC Calaveras County
AWA PL Adm 006 Purpose of Board Policies
AWA PL Adm 007 Sustainability
AWA PL Adm 008 Legislative Response
AWA PL Adm 009 Records Retention
AWA PL Adm 010 Electronic Mail Mgmt and Retention
AWA PL Adm 011 Electronic Mail Internet and Computer Use
AWA PL Adm 012 IT Disaster Recovery
AWA PL Adm 013 Disposing of Surplus Real Property, Vehicles etc
AWA PL Adm 014 Facility Tour
AWA PL Adm 015 AWA Claims Policy 2020
AWA PL Adm 016 Workplace Honesty Policy 2020
AWA PL Adm 017 Digital Signature Policy 2020
AWA-PL-Adm-018 Affordable Housing Service Requests
AWA PL BOD 001 Rules for proceedings
AWA-PL-BOD-002 Director Compensation and Exp Reimbursement Policy 2024
AWA-PL-BOD-003 Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Code
AWA-PL- BOD-004 Director Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
AWA PL BOD 005 Discrimination and Sexual Harassement Prevention
AWA PL BOD 006 Water Transfer
AWA PL BOD 007 Facilities Review
AWA PL BOD 008 Delegation of Authority
AWA PL BOD 009 Internal Loans
AWA PL BOD 010 Administration of Employer Employee Relations
AWA PL BOD 012 Easements
AWA PL BOD 013 Fire Protection Agency Cooperation
AWA PL - Fin 001 Engagement of Auditor Policy
AWA PL - Fin 002 Capital Asset Policy
AWA-PL-Fin 003 Investment-Policy
AWA PL - Fin 004 Reserve Policy
AWA PL - Fin 005 Procurement-Purchasing
AWA-PL-Fin 006 Purchasing Card Policy
AWA-PL-Fin 007 Unclaimed Check Policy
AWA-PL-Fin 009 Water and Wastewater Rate Setting
AWA-PL-FIN 010 Capacity Fee Development Charge
AWA PL- Fin 011 Debt Management Policy
AWA PL - Fin 012 Budget Policy
AWA PL - Fin 013 Continuing Disclosure Procedure
AWA PL Fin 014 Fraud Prevention Policy 09-10-20
AWA-PL-Fin 015 Grant Management
AWA Pl Fin 016 Inventory Management
AWA-PL-Fin 017 Commercial Checking
AWA-PL - Fin 018 Reimbursement Reporting