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Rates & Charges

The Amador Water Agency strives to keep water and wastewater rates as low as possible while providing safe, high quality service. By law, the Agency cannot charge more than the cost of providing service and maintaining prudent reserves for maintenance, replacement and emergencies.

AWA water and wastewater rates are comparable to other rural water districts in the foothill region that must serve a relatively small number of customers over a large geographic area. AWA rates vary somewhat throughout Amador County, as each system within the Agency repays debt on improvements made to that system’s infrastructure.

Rates & Charges

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Water Rates FY 2019-20Download
Wastewater Rates FY 2019-20Download
Water Participation Fees FY 2019-20Download
Miscellaneous Fee ScheduleDownload
Regional Rate ComparisonDownload


Water and wastewater rates are set through a public process that starts with a study of all costs, performed by an outside rate consultant. These studies and the rate consultant’s recommendations are reviewed in detail at public hearings and provided by mail to the public before going into effect.

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