Boil Lifted-N.Arroyo Seco-Ione

Boil Lifted-N.Arroyo Seco-Ione

Water quality samples are all clear. We are lifting the boil advisory.  You no longer need to boil your water.


The line is being recharged now and samples are on their at to the lab. Reminder you are on a boil water order for water you wish to consume. You can bathe and do laundry. Use bottled water or boil your water until we release the boil advisory.


Address update: affected homes were tagged this morning and they are: 121, 120, 102, 206, 114, 214, 107, 119, 108, 125, 135, 134, and 126.


AWA crews are en route to a main break in Ione on N. Arroyo Seco. This affects approximately 10 customers. We will update addresses as soon as possible. Once the break has been repaired you will be on a. Boil advisory for any water you wish to consume or use bottled water.

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