Prevent Backflow

AWA’s Residential Cross Connection Control Program

NO BACKFLOW – Cross Connections Can Create Health Hazards

What is a Cross Connection?
What are we protecting the water supply from?
What causes water to flow backward?
What is a backflow prevention assembly?
Can I use a check valve as a backflow prevention assembly?
Is it necessary for every water customer to install a backflow prevention assembly?
How can I tell if my home has a backflow prevention assembly?
Who can install my backflow prevention assembly?
Why is annual testing required?

Thank you for your help with this important health and safety effort. Please call AWA Customer Service at 223-3018 if you have any questions about AWA’s Cross-Connection Control Program.


  • Backflow assemblies will reduce water pressure from 7 to 10 pounds.
  • Backflow assemblies need to be protected from freezing temperatures.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain and repair a leaky or broken backflow device.

This Cross Connection Control Program is mandated by the State of California. AWA is required to enforce the program. Failure to comply with backflow requirements can result in discontinuation of water service.

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