Stage 1 – Water Alert

20% Conservation

On September 9, 2021, Amador Water Agency Directors declared a Stage One – Water Alert in Amador County, asking customers for a 20% reduction in their water use, effective immediately and until AWA Directors determine that it is no longer needed.

Additional conservation effort is needed due to low levels in Amador County’s water storage reservoirs and continuing drought conditions in the Mokelumne watershed.

Stage 1 Conservation Requirements:

• Fix leaks or faulty sprinklers within 7 days.
• Water lawns no more than 3 days/week. Water lawns and gardens only between the hours of 7 pm and 9 am.
• Container plants and vegetable gardens may be watered additional days using only drip irrigation or hand watering, with an automatic shut-off device.
• No irrigation during and up to 48 hours after measurable rainfall.
• No run-off or street flooding from outdoor irrigation.
No unattended watering except where automatic shut-off equipment is used.
• No washing sidewalks, driveways, patios, parking lots, or tennis courts with water.
• An automatic shut-off nozzle or valve is required when washing cars and other vehicles.
• No emptying and refilling of swimming pools or hot tubs. Maintaining pools, hot tubs and fire protection storage facilities at normal operating levels is permitted.
• Drinking water used in decorative fountains must be recirculated.
• Drinking water may not be used in scenic ponds and lakes except for the minimum amount needed to support aquatic life.
• Restaurants shall serve water to customers only upon request.
• No irrigation with potable water outside of newly constructed
homes and buildings unless by means of drip or microspray systems.
• Use of Conservation Kits supplied by AWA or other water utilities.

Conservation Tips & Resources

Free Water Conservation Items to Customers
Amador Water Agency is offering free water-conserving shower heads, faucet aerators and toilet conservation kits to AWA customers. The low-flow devices are easy to install and use.

The offer is good for one item per customer household, while supplies last, available at the AWA office, 12800 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek. Water-conserving devices are also available at local hardware and home improvement stores.

Visit “Water-Wise Gardening in the Gold Country Region”
For a watering guide and practical tips on creating a beautiful garden with less water, visit

Save Water and Save Money
Lots more tips for indoor and outdoor water conservation are at Save Our Water Website:

Conservation Fun for Kids
Games, lesson plans and resources for children and families are at Kids-Water Use it Wisely:

Conservation Tools

Need More Help?
Amador Water Agency Customer Service staff and field technicians are available to help you with questions concerning how to use the Home Water Audit, problems with leaks, and how you can conserve our most precious resource — water.

The AWA Customer Service Office
12800 Ridge Rd
Sutter Creek, CA
Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm

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