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For inquiries, please contact the Amador Water Agency Operations Department at 209-223-3018 Mon-Fri, 8 am – 5 pm. Drops-ins are welcome but, if possible, calling ahead to make an appointment will assure that the appropriate staff members are available to assist you.

Is my water safe to drink?
What is the definition of safe water?
Can I tell if my water is safe to drink by looking at it, smelling it, or tasting it?
How can I tell if my water is safe to drink?
What is a boil water order about?
Is my drinking water completely free of microorganisms?
What are coliforms, and what is going on?
What is Cryptosporidium?
Will home treatment device protect me from cryptosporidium?
Are we running out of water?
How does nature recycle water?
How much water is used in America each day?
Where does my water come from?
I heard aluminum is used to treat water. Does this cause Alzheimer’s disease?
Is the chlorine in the water safe?
Are all chemicals in my drinking water bad for me?
Are chemicals that are found in water naturally (not because of pollution) safe to drink?
I read that organic chemicals are dangerous. What are they, and why doesn’t the water company remove them from the water?
I heard that nitrate was bad for babies and pesticides are bad for everyone. How do these get in the water supply?
Do hazardous wastes contaminate our drinking water?
How does lead get into the drinking water?
How do I get lead out of my drinking water?
Is the fluoride in my water safe?
Should I be concerned about the chlorine in the water I use for bathing?
Do we have fluoride in the water?
What is radon and is it harmful in drinking water?
My water is black. What causes this, and is it harmful?
Why does my water taste or smell funny?
My well water is reddish brown. Is it safe to drink?


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