Update 04/20/18 Boil Order Lift-Pioneer

Update 04/20/18 Boil Order Lift-Pioneer

Water quality samples came back clear from yesterday’s shut down. The boil order is being lifted. You no longer have to boil your water.


Crews have repaired the leak and everyone should be back in service. Reminder that a boil order remains in effect.  It was discovered that tree roots had pushed the service line approximately 2″ beyond it’s limit causing the leak. The service was completely rebuilt.


AWA crews have identified a service line leak that needs repairing. This leak is located on a 4″ high pressure line and will require the line to be shut down.  Approximately 30 homes will be affected.  This shut down is scheduled for 4/19/18 from 9am-2 pm. Once the line is repaired water quality samples will be taken and those affected by the shutdown will be on a boil water advisory. The addresses affected are: on Gold Circle Drive 24322, 24287, 24275, 24259, 24239, 24225,2 4213, 24197, 24047, 24059, 24065, 24075, 24081, 24091, 24115, 24153, 24120, 24048, 24060, 24072, 24084, 24096, 24108, and 24120. On Pearl Court its 15315, 15327,1533 7, 15342, 15330 and finally 15333 Diamond Court.

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