Update: Boil lifted-Pine Acres Area

Update: Boil lifted-Pine Acres Area

Water quality samples are clear. Boil water lifted.


Update: 3:PM Water has been restored. Water quality samples are on their way to the  lab.  We will notify you by phone or door tag when the sample results come in.

Agency crews will need to shut down the line to make the repairs. The homes affected are being door tagged. They include 8 addresses on Gold Strike Rd (11855, 11935,11955,12019,12081,120951,2135,12191) and 1home at 12050 Tabeaud Rd.

Once the repair is completed and the water is restored, these 9 addresses will be on a boil water notice until our water quality sample results come in. Agency staff will call when the sample results are clear.

Agency crews have identified a leak off of Gold Strike Rd. We will update as we know more. If they need to shut it down to make the repair then approximately 9 homes will be affected. We will keep you posted as the information comes in.

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