8:AM 2/2/18 Update Rabb Park Area

8:AM 2/2/18 Update Rabb Park Area

All samples came back clear and we are releasing the Boil Advisory. Customer Service is beginning their calls now. Have a great day!


Repairs are completed. Recharging of the line is completed and crews are finishing flushing the lines. Water quality samples have been grabbed and will be sent to the lab first thing in the morning. You may experience some air when turning on your faucets.  Have a good night.


Repair efforts have been challenging to say the least. Crews are still working to repair the break. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Remember once water is restored the boil advisory is in effect until we call you. This will not be until some time on Friday as samples will not get to the lab until tomorrow morning.


This shut down has been expanded to all of Rabb Park. 62 Customers. Antelope, Knob Hill and Sky View Ct. Customer Service is making calls and tagging doors.


Update for tomorrow- Customer Service Dept has called all the affected customers for tomorrow’s shut down.  If a customer can not be reached by phone then staff will hang a door tag on the home. If you received a door tag it would be to your benefit to check with Customers Service and verify that they have a good number for you.  37 homes on Circle View Drive, 15 homes on Meadowmont Drive and finally 8 homes on Jacqueline Drive will be affected in this shut down. There’s a very real possibility that PG&E will also have to shut off the power during the repair effort for the safety of our crew.  PG&E will be informing us with their determination. Please remember once the water is restored you will be on a boil advisory until water quality results come back from the lab. We will post it here and make calls/hang tags.


Rabb Park Residents- a leak has been discovered in your area and we will need to do a shut down from 8am – 4pm on Wednesday, January 31st. We want to give you as much advance warning as possible, however, not all the information is in at this time. This involves multiple utilities and depending if the leak in on a high pressure side or low pressure side will determine how many of you will be affected by this shut down. Once the crews have made the determination, those affected will be called or door tagged. So far Im being told Circle View, Meadowmont and Jacquelyn streets.  This post will also be updated both on our website and Facebook.

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