Update- Clinton Bar Rd Area 7/10/18

Update- Clinton Bar Rd Area 7/10/18

Water quality samples have come back all clear. Boil Advisory is lifted.


Crews have completed the repair on Clinton Bar Rd and were able to do so without shutting the majority of the customers off that were previously listed. There are only 3 homes affected by the boil notice. Everyone else is released from the Boil Advisory.  Those that remain on the Boil Advisory are 11114, 11108 and 11110 Clinton Bar Rd.  We will contact you tomorrow once we receive our water quality samples back.


We have a leak to repair on Clinton Bar Rd. It will affect 33 homes on both Clinton Bar and Robin.  The shutdown is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10th from 9:30am – Noon.

The addresses affected are: Clinton Bar Rd- 10985, 10981, 10991, 10995, 10994, 11005, 11021, 11028, 11037, 11048, 11051, 11066, 11068, 11091, 11100, 11114, 11108, 11110, and 11141. On Robin- 21305, 21314, 21319, 21335, 21340, 21350, 21351, 21360, 21401, 21376, 21400, 21416, 21445, and 21492.

Check back here for updates on the day of the shut down. As with all shut downs it will be necessary to take water quality samples after the repair is made. Once water service is restored you are advised to boil any water you may wish to consume or use bottled water until we contact you and tell you the water sampling results.  If you have any questions please feel free to message us or call Customer Service at 223-3018.

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