Update Shut Down-Foothill Blvd Area- Ione

Update Shut Down-Foothill Blvd Area- Ione

Water quality samples arrived at the lab at 5:15pm. We should get the results approximately 5:30pm tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/13/18).  We will notify everyone affected by phone or door tag.  In the mean time please remember that those of you that were affected by the shut down are on a boil water notice until we have given the all clear for any water you wish to consume. You can also use bottled water if you prefer.


Beginning at 08:30 on March 12, 2018 there will be a treated water line shut down in your area to facilitate the installation of new water main valves. The installation of these valves will improve the overall reliability of the system. This shutdown should be completed by 4:30 pm of the same day. A private contractor will be completing the work.

Once the shutdown is complete and the water supply is turned back on, the Division of Drinking Water requires us to take water quality samples to ensure it is safe to drink. This testing takes 24 hours from the time the samples reach the lab. During that time you will be required to boil any water you plan on consuming (or use bottled water) until sample results come back and we notify you that the water is safe to drink.

We understand the inconvenience to you and your family and we greatly appreciate your cooperation. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at 209-223-3018.



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