Scheduled Shutdown – Plymouth 8/22/17

Scheduled Shutdown – Plymouth 8/22/17

On Tuesday, August 22nd beginning at 10 pm, there will be a treated water line shutdown in your area to facilitate the installation of a new water main. This shutdown may last for up to 13 hours. The City is notifying residents by mail in the surrounding area that the water supply to your home may be interrupted during this work effort. It is important to us that you have adequate time to prepare for this shut down.

Once the shutdown is complete and the water supply is turned back on, the State requires the City to take samples of the water to ensure it is safe to drink. This testing takes 48 hours to analyze, therefore during that time we ask that you boil any water you plan on consuming (or use bottled water) until sample results are completed the afternoon of Friday, August 25th. Once the City knows the results of the tests are acceptable, you will be notified and can then resume using the water as you see fit.

We understand the burden this places on you and your family and we greatly appreciate your cooperation. It is our intention to get this work done quickly and efficiently. Ultimately this project will benefit the whole community.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you would like more information, or are affected during this work, please contact Damon Wyckoff of AWA at 209-257-5284 or email

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