Up-Coming Lead and Copper Sampling

Up-Coming Lead and Copper Sampling

Amador Water Agency is conducting their triennial monitoring for lead and copper.  This sampling requires the aid of homeowners to fill a water bottle that will be dropped off at their door. Simply read the instructions provided with the bottle, fill the bottle in the morning and leave outside by the door for the operator to pick up. Once the sample has been analyzed you will receive your results in the mail.

The number of samples we take in each water system is based on population set by the Division of Drinking Water. There is specific criteria that we have to consider when choosing sampling locations which are:

Tier 1: Single family structures that contain: a) Lead pipes; or b) Copper pipes with lead solder installed after 1982; or c) Pipes served by lead service lines

If your home is on our monitoring cycle please be aware of the following schedule:

Lk Camanche System: We will be dropping bottles off on 7/30/19 and picking up 7/31/19 until we receive all 10 bottles

Ione System: Dropping bottles off 8/7/19 and picking up 8/8/19 until we receive 20 bottles

Tanner System (Sutter Creek and Amador City area): Dropping off bottles 8/28/19 and picking up 8/29/19 until we receive 20 bottles

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