Winter Snows Create Challenges for AWA Meter-Readers

Winter Snows Create Challenges for AWA Meter-Readers


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  • AWA water customers are spread out over the entire county, from the Camanche area to above Mace Meadows, Rabb Park and Ridgeway Pines. Recent winter storms bring challenges to AWA meter-readers who must get to all 7000 meters each month.
  • AWA’s meter-reader Susan Schafer stops her truck where snow plows have buried the neighborhood water meters.
  • Can you find the water meter in this photo? Look closely – the meter lies buried where AWA meter-reader Susan Schafer has circled in red ink. AWA will estimate this residence’s water use based on an average of past use, and then adjust it as needed after the snow melts.

(Sutter Creek) Recent snows are preventing the Amador Water Agency from reading water meters in the high country of Amador County, and affected customers may receive a water bill reflecting estimated use. Deep snow and plowed roads have buried water meters, making them inaccessible to AWA field staff. Some side streets don’t get plowed at all, so AWA meter-readers can’t get in until the snow melts.
The snowpack is good news for the season’s water supply but does create extra work and challenging conditions for AWA staff.

“We make a real effort to get a current reading from all 7,000 AWA water meters every month,” said AWA meter-reader Susan Shafer. “But sometimes in the winter, we do have to estimate the amount of water used by upcountry customers.” she says.

“These upcountry side streets don’t get plowed and the meters can be buried under several feet of snow. So we have to use an average for each customer at that time of year, and adjust it as needed after the snow melts,” said Shafer.

Customers with questions about their water bills, or problems with their water service should call AWA customer service, 209-223-3018, 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. For after-hours emergencies, please leave a message with the answering service for field technicians available 24/7.

Contact: Gene Mancebo, General Manager Amador Water Agency, 209-223-3018

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